Unable to add a door to my building


First of all, I want to say that I’m enjoying A16 a lot !

I however have a little issue with one of my buildings. I created one using one of the default templates, and changed the walls to be made of a different kind of wood. The building door was however removed in the process, and I didn’t notice before the building was almost entirely built. And now, when I try to edit the building, I can’t add a door on any of the walls, resulting in a forever unfinished and inaccessible building.

Is this a bug, or has the feature (adding doors post-building) not been implemented yet ?

Thanks in advance,


Not yet implemented. Probably coming in one of the next couple of alphas.

Argh. Any way to completely remove my building then ? :smiley:

You can still do it with console command. Push Ctrl + C to open it up, then click on the building you want removed (whitish outlines should appear) and then type “destroy” to, well, destroy it. Since it’s a developer tool you lose the resources you spent. But sometimes it’s better than starting anew completely.

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Oh, thanks. I have a very strong OCD that prevents me from playing a game if one of my buildings is fucked up, I would’ve started anew (once agaiiiin) if it weren’t for you ! :slight_smile:

Glad I could help. And about that OCD: I think you’re in good company here. :wink: