Can't build/cut doors or windows in existing walls

Not sure if this has come up yet. I custom build walls and then add windows or doors, but they workers only build scaffolding and knock out a few holes in the wall. Nothing is ever completed.

silly question, but you had your carpenter actually craft the necessary windows and doors, yes? :wink:

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Gah, I’ll have to check my stockpile. Perhaps, eventually, we’ll get some kind of indicator if we have enough stock when we try to build things. I know this has been discussed in other threads when all your builders tend to get stuck on one thing they’re out of, and not building the rest.

Edit: Went back and built one of every door, and started a new door contruction and it still didn’t get completed past the scaffolding and a few holes in the wall. (and also, a wandering dude got stuck in the scaffolding when it was half built - looks painful)

I’ve got stock, so it looks like a bug of some sort.

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Did you add the doors and windows after you had confirmed the build/ when the house was already built?

If I remember rightly, and this was present a few builds back, you had to make sure that any doodads you wanted were placed during the blueprint stage, adding them after that meant that they wouldn’t get built.

Edit: Like these?

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I think the problem here is that I’m not working with a building. Just constructed walls. I build the wall (no option for windows/doors at that point). After walls are built, I then go in and add a door or windows. I have supplies available. The scaffolding gets built and my guys start removing blocks, but that’s as far as they ever get (tried many times). I can see the outline of the door/window, so I know it’s registering, just never completed.

I’ve had no such problems when building an actual house.

hmm… it may be as simple as the building tools aren’t smart enough (yet) to apply the same logic for windows/doors to a free standing wall as they do for a wall that is part of a constructed house…

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Yes, this is exactly what I think. I’m sure it will all meld given time.

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Since I’m new to just a few days before 393, I wanted to bring this back up since it’s still an issue. I get the same bug with the hearthlings building scaffolding all across the building (made of walls) when you place something that would need a hole. However, I don’t even get the effect of the hearthlings making holes for things. They simply build scaffolding and I have to go to console and “destroy” each scaffolding and ladder that they make for each section of wall. That’s a lot btw if you make large walls like I like to make.

It’s probably as Steve said and something they just haven’t implemented yet. I hope they get a robust building system soon so we can start debuging many hundreds of new and diverse game play elements. I mean… I can dream at this stage right?

Edit: This error also sometimes happens when I destroy scaffolding. However, I dunno how much help it can be since that’s not a gameplay thing but more of a debugging tool, unless the destroy command is also what they might use to remove structures.

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