[NaB]: unable to put door or windows on after building complete (r156)

Previously you can select the door or windows in your stockpile and there would be the option of placing this on the building. This function seems no longer available. Therefore I attempted to go back to building design to do this. But then my villagers start doing strange things like making scaffolds over the area, and in the end neither the door nor the windows are placed on the building.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Finish building
  2. Go to building design, choose the building, add the door and/or windows.
  3. Watch as the villagers start building scaffolds… and other strange things.

Expected Results:
Door and/or windows be put on the building.

Actual Results:
Scaffolding made, villagers confused, holes made in the wall, no door, no windows.

Example demonstrating this bug

Is it intentional that we can no longer “place” the door and windows on the finished building like previous versions? It would make life easier if we can again

Versions and Mods:
Stonehearth r156

Wasn’t the ability to do that, what made the windows to be placed on the wall (without holes, that you couldn’t see through them)?

I mean, that would explain what it can’t be done now, I would also have removed that ability to fix it for the moment :neutral_face:

I don’t know if after finishing buildings you can place windows and doors, since they need a hole on the wall that had to be carved previously (during the construction). I don’t think they can make the holes AFTER the building has been completely finished (or at least, they don’t seem very prepared to do that, as I see in your video).

It looks like they wanted to rebuild something(?) but what stands out more is that when you placed the new door, the floor became red. That means you can’t build there or that you built something on top of some object, and you wasn’t supposed to do that.

Perhaps the floor becomes red because it detects you want to put an object (the door) on top/through a building area, and that is not allowed.

@sdee, @Ponder, is this a fix to avoid windows being built over the walls? Any idea on what are the settlers trying to execute in the video (why do they put so much scaffolding)?

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I’m not sure we ever intended for windows and doors to be placeable manually by the player. If it used to work, it was an accident, due to the doors sharing the same actions as the other placeable items.


I see, so the previous “ability” to manually place doors and windows was the unintentional one. I suppose I should really plan out my building properly before starting the construction.

One issue I had was I could not place the “double door” in the building design template - the “preview position” would not sit on the intended spot, but rather the frame would be sitting several voxels away, and each of the two double doors separate and really further apart. So I thought I’d be “clever” and do it the “old school” way of manually placing them - which failed, so I thought I’d be even “more clever” and go back to building design …

I am sure this would be fixed soon. Also it would be nice if in future we can add door/windows to completed building (in case we changed our mind after a major construction, from aesthetic point of view, work flow mobility point of view, or feng shui or something…)

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The double door ghost glitch was seen in the 6 hour livestream.

I’m glad we clarified this issue.

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