Bug: Error when placing door

Title: Placing a door from builder editor.

So since I wanted a crafting table inside, and pre adding one tends to create incompletely torn down scaffolding. So I made a house with no houses or windows, and once done, I added a door from the build editor (couldn’t use the crafting table as I has already placed it inside once the floor was done) and all they did was build a scaffolding all the way to the top of the house, and had removed a few(not all) of blocks where the house should be. Now they won’t remove the scaffolding.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. create a house with no doors or windows
  2. re add in a door from the building editor
    3)wait for finished result.

Expected Results:
Expected a door to be made.
Actual Results:
A few removed blocks, with a scaffolding going all the way to the roof.
Only tried this once. Will release screenshots in the am.
Version: 0.1.0(release 99)

The scaffolding existed on just this wall.
And here is the interior.

Well, thar be yar prooblem!

Thought you might want the edit suggestion, plus, I’ve never seen this in my limited playtime.

Also, You might was to say what version your using.

Well I cannot make it with a house and a door because when I do, the villagers often times stop half way through destroying the scaffolding (which I think has already been a reported bug) and ok I will update that.

I’m not sure if this one has been reported before.

If you could manage to get some screenshots @Vulture that would be really good. Thanks for the report! :slight_smile:

It’s really similar to this bug.
They mention the inability to place doors and windows, and the scaffolding not being removed. Probably this calls for a merge.

Well, … this thread only mentioned the inability to place doors and windows and scaffolding not being removed to introduce the action that was taken on this house (only adding a door after the house was already done otherwise). Attempting to add doors after the fact and getting the weird scaffolding all the way to the top thing sounds like it’s something different, to me. That is, it may be that the underlying cause is the same, but it’s not immediately obvious, to me.


why am I up this early again? oh, right… back from vacation, and on with reality… sighs

so, no merge necessary then?


@Geoffers747 I updated with screenshots.