Assertion in scaffolding manager

Was having this one before and am getting it on steam latest 393 still.

Trying to build a fence with a door in it, when I press build nothing happens (ie nobody starts building) or an Engine Error pops up as per screenshot -

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hey there @VeryColdWinter welcome to the discourse :smile:

i just embedded that screenshot for you.

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It looks like you have built the wall and then tried to add the door, but it appears just outside the wall. When you tell it to build, it may be giving an error because it is trying to build scaffolding and the door plan is in the way.

The door can be placed in a wrong place (not inside the wall) if you tried to use the Place Item tool from the bottom menu (P hotkey). This will not correctly place the door (and really shouldn’t be possible to try, but they haven’t gotten rid of it yet).

To place a door correctly, you should click on the image of the door in the custom building dialog, then click where you want to place it. Do not do this once you have ordered the hearthlings to build an object, as it will often cause errors or place the door on the outside of the wall instead.

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I was testing a different issue with that door - used to have a crash when putting a door by placing and then putting the same on the plan - that didn’t reproduce on 393, but the one on screenshot also reproduces without weird door placement

Fair enough. That’s good additional information in any case :smile:

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Interestingly though, these doors still posess an interesting bug making double wooden doors unusable - if you clock focus to unit on that door that was placed rather than planned it will take you to the void of space. Needless to say that heathlings don’t want to use those doors, neither can I sell them or do anything else with them - crafting more doors doesn’t help, also tried moving them from stockpile to stockpile - hearthlings move those objects but that doesn’t enable doors for use - any idea how to fix, but start a new game? :slight_smile: