Hearthlings do not fully understand the concept of doors [r223]

I had an issue where I built a two walls and put a double doors in it to let them through, this was part of the gatehouse I built. All of a sudden when the second wall went up my Hearthlings stopped working on the other sections of the wall, since the scaffolding was on the outside of the wall. I noticed later that when I tried to order an attack team against those filthy goblins that they too refused to go through the gatehouse.

When I put down ladders on both side of the wall both construction completed and my units went on their Glorious Crusade.


This is in r256,

Ran into a similar bug to this again; however this time the door is in a normal house building, attached a screenshot below. The building with the red roof on the right, does not have a valid door for the back or the front, Hearthlings will not place items in it or go through it (The reason for the ladders on the back).

*** Invalid Doors: ***

*** Valid Door: ***


That is very cool, never thought of tree forts. :smile:

Its an interesting building experience to say the least, one of my viewers inspired me.