(Alpha 10 r271 x64) Hearthlings stuck in building and starve to death

Summary: Sometimes Hearthlings will get stuck in a building and be unable to find a way out, thus dying of starvation. This is an already finished building with a door and everything. This is the second time this has happened to me and it happens to be the same exact building design both times. I am unsure what they were doing before they got stuck as I was off doing other things but I noticed them when they got hungry and just stood there. The last thing I remember doing to the building was placing furniture.

Expected Result: Hearthlings don’t get stuck in buildings that have a clear and simple way out.

Actual Result: Hearthlings stuck in building and die.

Steps to reproduce: Not entirely sure.

Log file: stonehearth.log (390.4 KB)

Building template used: http://pastebin.com/8scMiE4Z

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For some reason this only happens for me when I build a building with two doors, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with you.

I can confirm this bug, and it’s kinda a game breaker, at least for me.

@Relyss, any chance we can push this for a hotfix?

I want to add that it’s just that they can’t use doors. Giving them another way in or out saves them.

Ok, just tested it, and confirmed what @jellevmourik had to say. For some reason they only get stuck when they have more than one door on the building.


My building that I posted this bug with only has a single door. So it’s definitely not that it needs to have two doors. Sometimes they just don’t get stuck and are perfectly fine. I’ve used the same building that I posted above over and over again and only occasionally do they actually get stuck.


do you perhaps change the angle of the building? it might have to do something with the position of the door

I like where you’re going with this, but then why would it wig out on a building I had with 4 doors in every direction?

I do notice that the little outcropping we have our doors in is exactly the same length in both our buildings, 7 wide. Don’t know if that’s pertinent though.

Actually…no @druha. Mine is 8 as that’s a double door.

Oh, thought I was on to something.

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The only other thing I noticed, and this is when I reloaded the game, is that more hearthlings could come INTO the building, but would then get stuck and not know what to do.

i cant explain this very well, but ill do my best.these are just my random thoughts though…

doors only swing open one way, correct? if so, perhaps if the doors swing inwards they cant open from inside the building, but if they swing outwards they can open from either side… kinda like how doors in stores and such have to swing outwards IRL as a safety feature…

please tell me this made at least a little bit of sense.

Actually…that makes perfect sense to a point. On my 4 way building that conclusion would work, but then on my single way building, that the door opened in just like all the doors on my other building, they were still able to get out.

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bummer, i thought i might have, for once in my life, actually been smart :confused:

I have had similar issues with several building setups. Right now in my current town i have 2 group sleeping quarters (default building), 1 dining hall, and the top 2 floors of a 3 story single-unit building that they got stuck in and couldnt enter/exit. Not entirely sure what causes it (ive tried to narrow it down, but to no avail). The prefabs have just the 1 entry way. The one I built has 3 doors, but the room they go into only has the single exit (the bottom floor the use JUST fine, its just the upper 2). The buildings have different orientations as well.

Red circled doors are the ones leading to the areas they cannot access:

Inside view:

What I have observed is that when it happens, the Hearthlings seem to be unable to find any path into or out of the building when it breaks. To test this, i simply tried ordering a party to attack (go in from outside, stuck guy inside to go outside) and they would just stand there like idiots. Save file if you need it

EDIT: Also worth noting: they were able to use ALL the buildings in question up until they were getting close to finished with it (around the roof building time). It was at that time they got “stuck” and refused to use the building at all.

My only argument to this, my walls were finished but I never put a roof on it. My design was also the exact same in the working and non working states, just with different number of doors. Thoughts?

Like i said, close to roof time… in some cases it was before the roof was started, in some cases it was after. Only consistency is it was AROUND the roof addition (they were close to finishing all walls or had just finished all walls and put the start of the roof on). Either way, i think the save itself will help as the issue persists after build so there has to be something with the building itself.

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Well I’m at a loss now. Had a building working just fine last night. I reload the same save today and now they can’t pass through the door anymore.

Just a thought, we have that scaffolding bug where some times it doesn’t get removed. Could their be a glitch or something where ghost scaffolding is remaining, making the door appear to the Hearthlings as blocked?

Even if the scaffolding wasn’t removed, Hearthlings can walk through scaffolding (or at least they are supposed to) and doors will still swing open.