(Alpha 10 r271 x64) Weaver dies due to starvation and throws an error

Summary: The Weaver dies due to starvation and an error is thrown.

Expected Result: Weaver dies and we continue on.

Actual Result: Error is thrown.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have a Weaver die due to starvation.

Log file: stonehearth.log (390.4 KB)

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Ahem, Anyway are you sure this only happens to the weaver due to starvation?
And if you can remember, can you tell us what was happening during this error occured


No, I’m not sure this only happens to the weaver during starvation. But this is what I encountered it with so that’s what I’m reporting. I didn’t go and test every way I could think of to kill the weaver. I did however witness Worker Hearthlings die of starvation and the error did not get thrown.

At the time the error occurred I was literally doing nothing but watching them starve to death in a building they couldn’t find their way out of to the food next door. See (Alpha 10 r271 x64) Hearthlings stuck in building and starve to death for that.

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Is it just me, or didn’t we see someone else reporting that this building design was playing Hotel California with other hearthlings? I remember seeing a screenshot of two hearthlings in a building that looked remarkably like this one, and both of them dying because they couldn’t find an exit.

yea he reported that they were stuck,

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Thank you sir! I tried to find it really quickly, but I’m still a bit new to the Discourse :smile:


it can be a bit fiddly at times, i actually just followed the link he put in his above post :wink:

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I think i am having this issue still… release 489. My blacksmith got caught inside, couldn’t get out, starved to death. My problem is not that he died, its that he is at 0 HP and hasn’t become a grave. Gonna play around with it a bit to see if i can find out whats going on. If i still have issues i will post saves/screenshots.

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Hey there @Blarint, welcome to the Discourse! Was your Blacksmith inside of a building when he starved? Did the building have any doors?

Yes and yes. It was a standard “cottage for two” from the in game templates, with a reinforced Oak door. Unfortunately didn’t find this board in time to save him, but i just thought i would put this out there. Also, as a new player, could someone point me towards this console I keep hearing about? It seems it would help in bugfixing.

to open the console hold Ctrl + C, once open type help and hit enter to get a list of all usable commands.

for even more handy console commands and nifty little tools, you can download the debug tools found at the stonehearth github, stonehearth (Gareth Loremaker) · GitHub

hope that helps!

If your blacksmith was stuck inside a built in template, this would indeed be a bug. Did you receive any error messages, or just notice that he was stuck?

As suggested by @8BitCrab, the debug tools are indeed a useful tool when using the console and testing the game. I wrote up this quick install guide a few days ago:

To install, visit the Stonehearth github GitHub - stonehearth/debugtools: Stonehearth Debug Tools Mod, select Download Zip, and save the compressed folder somewhere on your computer. Inside the zip you should find a folder named debugtools-master. Copy that folder to your mods folder, (located by default at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\mods), and rename the folder to debugtools. Let me know if this makes sense. You will know if it is installed if you see the following icons in the top right: . If this does not work, or you want more details on the what you can do with debug tools, let me know!

Edit: Debug tools is included with Stonehearth as of Alpha 19. Simply enable it via the mod manager.

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Good news and bad news. The good news is that, immediately after installing the debug tools, Asher Weston (my blacksmith) died and disappeared. That is also the bad news. Can’t reproduce the bug at the moment. I will spend some time this January trying, but i won’t be able to do much until then. My save is not worth posting, as it seems Asher dies whenever it loads.

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No worries! Just remember that your job is to enjoy the game and have fun, not replicate bugs! (Though if you enjoy attempting to replicate bugs, by all means go ahead :wink:)

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