Unnecessary Starvation A10, 293x64 Steam

So in lieu of doors, I’ve been placing gates in my underground fortress. They’ve been working out fine so far, and helping a great deal in keeping the hordes at bay. However, one of my hearthlings had what I’m guessing is a pathing issue, and couldn’t find his way from his room to the food around the corner. I caught it just as he starved to death.

The first picture shows the general layout of the room, and where he died.

In the second, you can see how close he was to the room with all the yummy food. All I can think of is he somehow got stuck in the gate and couldn’t figure out how to get out.

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hmm… perhaps related to the bug with the doors?


That’s sort of what I was thinking/hoping it wasn’t. Now they’ve taken to sleeping on the gates instead of the beds in the rooms. :grimacing: Oh little Hearthlings. I suppose we’ll have to make you nice beds now.


that would be this bug,