Hearthling stuck in window

I was looking at my hearthling list and I saw that one of my hearthlings was extremely sad so I looked at his chart and it said he was starving, I looked at him a it looked like he was eating jerky so I waited and came back, I must have seen another hearthling because he was stuck in a window and starving, nearby put down a crafting table and some other hearthling wanted to put a ladder there so I don’t know if I that had anything to so with it.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. no idea, just build the same house

Expected Results:
hearthling to go eat

Actual Results:

the house he is in is a modified group sleeping quarters made into a herbalists clinic

None yet I’m having trouble uploading a picture and the game is having trouble loading so I cant get more a the moment

I am currently in alpha 21 0.21.0

if he dies he is only a worker with low stats so it wont be a big loss but that should be a big moral thing so I would like to avoid it if I can.

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If you want to save your hearthling from death, you can open up the console with ctrl+c and type teleport with the hearthling marked, then you can choose a location to teleport him to.
Otherwise, tombstones are not so easy to get a hold of, if you want to design a cemetary for your town :content:

If the hearthling is starving it is because he cannot go to get food. If he is stuck in a window, use the build tool to place a ladder so he can leave.

I was hoping for a method that didn’t involve cheating but this is a glitch so I guess it doesn’t count, thanks for the tip

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I had a similar experience with mine getting stuck on top of a lantern. I had to build him a ladder to get down. When he escaped his lantern of doom, he proceeded to walk past 20 baskets of food to the forest and die.