Hearthling stuck in building how can i get them out?

basically I had a tower thing and one of my hearthlings was stuck inside the blocks

  1. I was building a tower
  2. and as the last part of wall was build a hearthling trapped another hearthling in the building
    3)I don’t know who to get him out and I don’t want him to starve

this is him stuck in the building

and this is the full building anyone have any fixes??

sorry the first one is the full building and this is him stuck in the building

Welcome to the forum, @finnthefrog_gaming :slight_smile:

You could try to click on the stuck hearthling (to select it), press Ctrl+C (to open the console, try a few times until you see it appear at the top of the window), and type reset, then press enter.

It should move your hearthling away. You can do it several times if needed.


thank you I am surprised by how fast you replied most people like this would take at least a day your game is amazing bye the way and I hope it will get even better than it is now

Well, I am a moderator on the forum, and I’m on a different timezone than the devs.
In any case, it’s the weekend, and they are at PAX, so they wouldn’t be able to reply right now. :sweat_smile:


anyway I get what you are talking about and when I said it would take at least a game I meant for other games but that dosnt matter lets just say I gave you a compliment:grin:


Can you poke someone about making the reset command a bit more aggressive :stuck_out_tongue: Like nearest unedited spot or something ! it can be a pain as it is anyways.

you can use “teleport”