Hearthlings getting stuck in builds

So I have been playing Stonehearth for a while now and coming back to it since every update. There is this thing that keeps on happening. That the hearthlings Steam Community :: Screenshot Steam Community :: Screenshot
sorry new to this, but it would be nice you guys (Team Radiant) could fix this thx

I don’t see a way for them to get up or down, ie a ladder. Is there a ladder before they die?

Did you try to place a ladder just below them ?

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yes i did place a ladder, well more than one, the first building finished and one of them was stuck inside the room.

some of the hearthlings died, but the way i got them out is that i made the stuck hearthling build ladders all over the room while he was trying promote himself, he eventually got out somehow, i don’t remember.

i did figure it out after i posted this but thank you fellow hearthkings for noticing this discussion.

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I have a similar problem when playing Rayya’s children with default buildings. Workers get stuck on pillars.


It seems that they are only stuck on the middle pillars, not the corner pillars.
Furthermore they’re not stock at the exact same spot: maybe a hitbox problem ?