Hearthlings are really bad at stranding themselves


So I’ve noticed that some of my more… artistic buildings tend to strand my hearthlings on blocks that are 2 high quite often. It seem like they’ll build scaffolding below themselves, step onto it, then onto the block above them, then build that up without giving themselves a way out. It seems like the AI intends to have someone else make a ladder to where they made the scaffolding, but the other hearthling decides they have something better to do. I’m gonna post a picture so you know what I’m talking about.

Front side.
Back side.
Back side showing phantom ladders.
What the building is supposed to look like.

Version Number and Mods in use:
dev 2924

System Information:
Super Fancy.




Edit: Here’s the attached .json file and stuff so you can fix it. Thaaaaaaanks. Hopefully they don’t die before the next patch comes…Desktop.zip (28.8 KB)

Oh, thank god. Thess rescued one of them. Only 4 are trapped now.

Update: Only two left! They might make it out alive after all.

Another update: Oh, everybody made it!


This post has made my day :smile:


you got that right!:laughing:


I aim to please. Also this scaffolding is extreme.


Wow, seems like Radiant fixed the building issues… haven’t played since alpha 11! I remember building small buildings would even cause problems!


Mmhmm! The only things that seem hard to build are places that have internal stairways right now. Hearthlings try to build underneath them and BAM.

More trapped and dead hearthlings. The world is a cruel place.


I agree, there is no solution to trapped hearthlings except for letting them die. Maybe the devs should add a way to teleport all hearthlings to the town banner via console.


Well… it’s not perfect, but they… sorta finished it? Left a few ladders there.

And a hearthling.


well then… another trapped hearthling :expressionless:
how did that happen? lol


i belive you can select ladders and delete them, though I’m not 100% sure


Just a bit of bad luck. A few dozen ladders later, and tadaa!


It would be nice if the geomancer or a wizard class had an ability to teleport a Hearthling to their location.


There is a teleport console command. Select a hearthling, type ‘teleport’ in the console and it will turn your cursor into a little red banner. Plant the banner where you want to teleport the hearthling and they should instantly be teleported there.



i have seen alot of that on my settlement also xD not fun


I think the problem is that Hearthlings are really GOOD at stranding themselves :stuck_out_tongue:


I think if the Hearthling didn’t strand themselves occasionally they would not need us players and we would be out of a Job LOL