Hearthings get themselves unstuck

Often when i am building, they build some wall in a way that often results in them not near scaffolding or a ladder. (Often near a corner) I think it would be cool if they could recognize that they are stuck and build a ladder to get them out. What i often have to do is have them build a ladder down, then remove that ladder so building can move forward.

They’re supposed to not get stuck with the new building system coming this year.

I have my doubts that it’ll fix everything, but it should help.

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I have seen hearthlings get stuck because scaffolding was removed while they were having conversations. Hopefully the new system will actually check for hearthlings before removing the scaffolds.

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I believe when Chris first showed the new system off it basically sent a signal to all the Hearthlings to get down, and the scaffolding was taken down afterwards. Of course, that was really early, before they’d even started on the building UI, so I don’t know how it would be now.

Edit: Chris, amazing as he is, is not Jesus. Sorry for the typo.