Stuck on the roof

Ok so first off not really sure this should be put here or not and i would like to state that i am really enjoying the game, but i seem to have come across an inccident that keeps happening.

when completing roofs my hearthlings who are on it get stuck as other hearthlings remove the scaffolding.

They then seem to empty and refill their backpacks (whilst on the roof) in a panic, i found a way round this by building them a ladder to let them down, but they sometimes leave items up there too.

so in clonclusion my suggestion would be to allow everyone off of the roof with all thier belongings befor they remove the scaffolding

this has already been brought up quite a few times, and has already been addressed by the devs. previously, hearthlings were also capable of removing building ladders from the top. as such, they would strand themselves on top of the roof. they fixed this by making only player-placed ladders capable of being removed from above. as for other hearthlings cutting them off, that is currently not possible, nor a viable quick-fix, as it would require hearthlings to check for other hearthlings in certain coordinates, coordinates which differ greatly between the vast number of unique buildings players can craft and even the terrain the buildings are crafted at. while I understand that it is a minor inconvenience, until later stages of the engine development, you will have to deal with placing a ladder on the roof of buildings to allow hearthlings to escape with their goods from the roofs.

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