Release-450 Available on Steam Latest

  • Fixed bug that caused poor performance when building tall structures.
  • Fixed crash placing freestanding walls when a column location could not be found.
  • Support connecting two buildings with a freestanding wall.
  • Only user placed ladders can be removed from the top. This helps to prevent hearthlings from stranding themselves on the roof.
  • Changed storage filters to account for flour and wheat.
  • Fixed UI error when promoting a hearthling and closing the dialog too fast.
  • Prevent the ‘None’ checkbox on a storage filter from becoming stuck.

ah, that was one of the things I completely forgot to talk about in my 447 post last night. I had to keep building ladders to the roof because my hearthlings kept starving themselves lol. thanks for fixing that

ooh, nice, now there shouldn’t be any more posts about flour. at least until something breaks again lol.

I’ll do a run-through with this build later, probably tomorrow, assuming there’s no update tomorrow. thanks for your work.


though it does help it doesnt fix the problem of hearthlings getting stuck.

this is due to the fact that other hearthlings can remove the ladder while someone is on the roof collecting the left over materials.

ah, I’ve had that happen too, but unfortunately there’s not really any way to prevent that, at least not yet. that would require hearthlings to check for other hearthlings and see if they are within a specific (x,y,z) array. preventing hearthlings from stranding themselves is still rather nice, as they’re that much less likely to end up stranded on top of a roof. and in the end, they can be gotten off the roof by someone quickly building a ladder and then taking it back down again.

indeed. i understand all o’ that, just thought i should toss it out there so the team knows.