Can we talk about Hearthlings and leaving things on roofs

Is there anyway to get hearthlings to stop doing this. I found an omelet on my roof. I wanna know what hearthling decided to have a nice meal on the roof when theres plenty of tables and chairs.


Also I am aware I can just build a roof up there and have them eventually take it off but I want it to stop happening.

I don’t think there’s anything that you can do about that… the hearthling get distracted and drops its load and runs off, i find it irritating too. Maybe report it as a bug to see what happens?

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That’s always been a source of annoyance for me too. I’ve just (mostly) gotten used to it lol.

I’m curious if they can do an auto clip when a roof finished and everything would just fall through or off the top.

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That would cause even stranger situations


I think that the hearthlings should NOT drop items when they go to eat or sleep or get a new assignment. I feel that they should bring the items they are carrying back to wherever they belong first. It can be very irritating to find food or materials lying all over the place. And then it takes ANOTHER assignment for another hearthling to get the item(s) back in place.

I feel that this is a bug to be fixed for the main game.


Hearthlings should drop everything they’re not using into a stockpile every time they visit

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I think the Hearthlings should finish their current task before taking another, even eating or sleeping. The only exception being attacked. But if they have to interrupt their current task, I agree with @Golden, they should take the item(s) they are carrying back to the stockpile, (again, unless being attacked…).

Have Fun, Kyth.

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My favorite is if you have blocked off you base Hearthlings will spawn in your base when you accept them. The best is when they spawn on a roof and you need to keep a ladder on the side of the house to let them down each day :merry:


I’ve seen the same be behavior in the context of [Bug] Heartlings stuck on battlements-style roofs.

There they will drop the items on the roof, after getting stuck there.

Generally I agree here; Hearthlings are way too quick to abandon a job, and leave materials cluttering the landscape, especiallly once the town becomes large or includes far-out parts (e.g. mines in the mountains).

A pet wondered onto the roof of one of my early buildings. It’s still there.