In case of stuck buildings!

Hopefully I’m not pointing out the obvious right now, but a good strategy if you have a building thats stuck, you can do this:

  1. Make a save
  2. Destroy the building
  3. Find any scaffolding thats leftover
  4. Reload the save
  5. Build a ladder so your hearthlings can get to that scaffolding
  6. ???

Works so often for me!


That’s a good idea, but what usually works for me is trying to find the scaffolding that is/was unreachable and find a way for a Hearthling to access it. It saves time rather than destroy the whole build and restart. A lot of buildings sometimes get stuck like this and it gets pretty annoying. The Forge build for Rayya’s Children has that exact problem, but the ladder that is unreachable is under one of the rafters, so building a ladder in between them solved that one.

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Yeah we’re essentially doing the same thing, it just depends on your preference :merry:

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