Builders Getting stuck, and wont build!

I set my Hearthlings to build a building, they got stuck and wont build
Steps to reproduce:

  1. set a building to be built
  2. wait
  3. Results!

Expected Results:
Heathlings build building without any problems
Actual Results:
They get stuck
This is after relogging the game, and there is PLENTY of wood available to them

Version Number and Mods in use:
No mods,
Version 701 x64 steam release
System Information:

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hey there @superjes1, sorry for the late reply :sweat_smile:

i recently had this happen as well with a building, to get them working on it again i paused the building and gave them other stuff to do (hauling items, chopping trees, etc) and then un-paused the building and they started working on it again. another thing would be try manually building ladders up to the scaffolding they’re on, as they might be stuck for some reason.

I have had the same problem and they have actually starved themselves to death because of this.

I had this same problem when my hearthlings were placing furniture in a house. They got stuck in the furniture. So I had to remove the furniture to get them unstuck.

I encounter this a lot with buildings. They get stuck in window spots a lot and I have to use the teleport command to get them out. Once had 6 hearthlings stuck in various spots around the house

Why not just use a ladder?

I too get this quite a lot, the easiest temporary fixes I know are to:

  1. Place a ladder by the hearthling

Or with debugtools enabled:

  1. Click on the hearthling, use ctrl+c to bring up console and type teleport clicking on the ground with the ghost banner.
  2. Similarly to solution 2 but shorter, just shift left click on the hearthling to bring up a menu with the teleport option.

Hope this helps!

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because then I have to remember to go back and remove the ladder later, and sometimes a ladder isnt possible because something is set to go there. The teleport command is much simpler.

@Guy_Ward oo ty I didn’t know about the shift click!

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