My Hearthlings dont want to finish my building

So they are very close to finish my builds , I have a wall split into 4 parts and they are very close to finish it and a nice medium size house near the end.
The house is only missing the outside lights , the wall is missing just half a wall and a small walk way.
The hearthlings won’t finish the build instead they go restock items when I tell them only to build they go idle like they have nothing to do.
I was trying to stop the build and resume didn’t help any idea how to fix this?

Probably means they cannot continue. Check if your house is far away from ckiff walls and perhaps place some ladders so your hearthlings get everywhere.

if you post a screenshot that might help us diagnose the issue.

I got this error when I launch my save now :

develop-2972 (x64)
…h/components/entity_forms/entity_forms_component.lua:359: assertion failed!
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
[C]: in function ‘assert’
…h/components/entity_forms/entity_forms_component.lua:359: in function ‘place_item_on_structure’
…/fixture_fabricator/fixture_fabricator_component.lua:266: in function ‘_place_item_on_structure’
…/fixture_fabricator/fixture_fabricator_component.lua:243: in function ‘_place_fixture’
…/fixture_fabricator/fixture_fabricator_component.lua:203: in function ‘_start_project’
…/fixture_fabricator/fixture_fabricator_component.lua:41: in function <…/fixture_fabricator/fixture_fabricator_component.lua:39>

develop-2972 (x64)
c++ exception: lua runtime error
stack traceback:

Every time I launch the game I get those errors and in the picture you can see 2 buildings my hearthlings wont finish its stuck like that for 3 -4 days in game.
I will try to build ladders see if it helps but still need to figure it out this error is annoying too.

Edit 1: I try to put some ladders they progress a bit but stopped and I add like a ton of ladders enough to finish the building in every little corner.

You need to build a couple of player placed ladders. One that leads to the roof of the small house and another one that reaches the lamp.
The hearthlings can not deconstruct the scaffolding because they can’t reach its base (on the roof) and they don’t place the upper lamp because the lower one may prevent the needed ladder to be built.

I hope this helps.
Have fun, Kyth.

I built ladders to the lamps but they didn’t place any of them (making sure I have some lamps ready of course).
I just used ib maybe next building they won’t forgot my lamps :stuck_out_tongue:

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They put the lamps up, once all scaffolding is gone. You need to place a ladder so your guys can get on the roof and remove the scaffolding.

Highly doubt that is the problem. I often find that if they screw things up or find something impossible to do they just start to ignore it forever once they have started on other stuff.
It would just be better for all of us if the scaffolding fell down on it’s own or just required one nudge to do so before disappearing. Would probably solve a lot of issues with certain builds.

I’d suggest posting a savegame and/or the template of the building in this thread:

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