Hearthlings and ladders

Ok so you know the times when you try mining down or a villager gets stuck somewhere below or above and cant get down without a ladder? well what i think would solve this would be a hearthling making a ladder on their own if there was no possible way to get down or up so that they dont starve, and make it to where they dont need wood to contruct it but they get rid of it when its done so that you cant cheat the game and get ladders to places with little effort. I read about some people saying there should be notifications when someone is stuck but that would become a nuisance to see it pop up all the time.

Ladders don’t use wood anymore. :wink:


my goodness thank almighty cid

At first I really didn’t like that feature, but it makes things so much nicer most of the time when actually playing.


Me either. But it really is for the better.

I believe there was a idea weather making the hearthling automatically build ladders if there’s no path or not, but i think it was dismissed for a reason i do not remember, and was replaced by free ladders