Hearthlings getting stuck in holes

Workers are digging themselves into holes and dying. Allow worker if stuck to climb out or build ladder to prevent suicide

Hey there @schvamla, welcome to the Discourse! Are you looking for help, or making a suggestion?

Ladders do not need wood, every hearthling can build one almost everywhere.

A little of each. Enjoying the game and thought of a couple ideas and stuck on some others. Apologize if I inadvertently posted incorrectly.

  • Eric S.

No need to apologize! Your post was in #uncategorized, so I wanted to clarify what you were looking for.

You’ll be happy to hear that the devs have acknowledged that the current situation isn’t ideal. Auto-ladders isn’t currently on the to-do list, but better notifications are. In a future alpha you should receive a notification when a Hearthling gets stuck (unknown if it will be alpha 20 or later), sort-of like you get a notification when you are under attack.

If your hearthling gets stuck and you suddenly get the low on food warning, you can press ctrl+shift+c and type “teleport” (no quotations) then click near a food stockpile. This moves your hearthling there so they can eat!