Hearthling Egg? Hearthlings builds himself into this building and cannot leave

Testing building different shapes, solid and hollow, when building a hollow 11x11x11 orb or sphere there is always (so far for me at least) 1 hearthling that builds himself into the structure. Hoping you guys can discern why…

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Copy this into your - \Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates
    1a) hearthstone egg.zip (2.4 KB)
  2. Launch latest release - 535
  3. Start New or Continue game
  4. Select ‘Build & Design’ option
  5. Select ‘Place Building’ option
  6. Place Building “Hearthstone Egg”
  7. Finish & Build the building
  8. Observe about 2/3rds of the way through the build, a single hearthling walks into the structure never to return

Expected Results:
Hearthlings are able to focus on 1 floor or layer at a time without moving to the 2nd layer before finishing the first. Watch how the hearthlings build these solid and hollow squares-

Solid Square- 11x11x11 square.zip (621 Bytes)

  1. 11x11x11 square - hollow.zip (715 Bytes)

Actual Results:
A single hearthling seems to always find a way to build himself into the structure

If you add a glass block you could really get crazy with this, almost wish you could keep the behavior ha


Version Number and Mods in use:
Latest - 535 / None

System Information:


I have also noticed Hearthlings will build scaffolding inside of a hollow structure… but is this necessary with exterior scaffolding? Quick example -

crane base.zip (891 Bytes)

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I’ve had this issue whenever I’ve built up a hollow foundation (in the structural sense, not using the foundation type in the building tool). If I want to build something with a large footprint and raise it up so that the bottom floor is higher than the surface I’m building on, I’ll build a hollow base to save on materials, but one hearthling will often get stuck inside the hollow base. I’ve given up on the practice, though I’ve been occasionally successful in saving right before the foundation is finished and building a ladder to get them out just in time or upon a few tries after reloading.

Note . I didn’t see your buildling
I have seen it often happens if the hearthlings lack access to the floors (ladders is key), then they start building the next area instead, often encapsulating their fellow Hearthlin :frowning: .

Until fixed, my advice is to pause the building before the encapsulate their fellow and then build a ladder so our hearthling can escape certain death by starvation ^^

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The teleport cheat is useful to fix this issue in the meantime.

im having some trouble as well my hearthlings placed the tall windows and now they can’t move from the spot

@not_owen_wilson, this still occurs in A18 release 656.