Hearthlings building themself in blind ends

General problem im having in complex and advanced buildings is that hearthlings will build themself in blind ends where they get stuck…particular seems to be a problem around singel blok structures build near real walls

Steps to reproduce:

  1. build anything with a lot of single box editing and it will happen almost every time.

Expected Results:
hearthlings get stuck and die from starvation.

Actual Results:



but i cant say exactly this is how to reproduce… try building 10 3x3 pillars close to eatch other and make them tall in singel blocks and some walls between em and you likely will have it happen a few times.

Version Number and Mods in use: Lateste dev build.no mods.

System Information:

You should upload a template where this happens so they can take a look at it.

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oh cool didten know i could! will look in to that in the morning! i need sleep >.<

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Well, when you wake up, open your file explorer and go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth/saved_objects if you’re using Steam, and zip the .json of the template. Then drag and drop the zipped file into a reply, and that will upload it.

well… not allowed to upload attachments files since im a new users :frowning:

This thing happens mostly, if not always, with free block building. The hearthlings build ahead of the scaffolding and trap themselves. As soon as they find out they can’t “escape” the only thing left for them is to keep building and that is what they do. Ending even more trapped than before.
What you can do when that happens is place a player placed ladder and wait for another hearthling to come and build it.
Or, if you are in a hurry to rescue him, pause the building. The hearthlings will not build any more walls or blocks but they will keep raising the scaffolding. Placing a ladder yourself will help.
Usually the scaffolding will caught up with the overeager builder and nothing mayor will happen but sometimes he will need to sleep there or suffer from hunger (or worse).

Keep an eye on your hearthlings while they build. If they trap themselves the sooner you spot it the better.

Have fun, kyth.

BTW I love that cart :wink:

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Hi @Psyduck :slight_smile:
You should be able to upload files to the forum now. If they’re bigger than 10MB (zipped or not) you’ll have to upload them to a free hosting site (like Dropbox, Google Driver, etc) and share the download link here.

Thanks for reporting!

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still want me to upload templates that cant be built ? i havent tested since that to be honest.?

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If you still have the templates, yes. It’s always useful to have varied examples to test the building system. :slight_smile: