Builders and other hearthlings getting stuck in windows

Summary: Hearthlings while building a house seem to be getting stuck in 3 block from the ground window holes. I have built around 9 buildings and 2 have died from starvation because they will not come down.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have hearthling in window
  2. Build scaffolding past window
    3)Watch hearthling die

Version Number and Mods in use: Dev 2881. No mods

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Welcome to the forum, @Marcus_Davis :smiley:

If you have hearthlings stuck in a window, try building a ladder, it should allow them to descend to the ground.

There has been some discussions about this kind of issue, and suggestions about ways of improving it, like popping a notification saying that you have some stuck hearthling starving somewhere, or that the other hearthlings realize that someone’s stuck and go build a ladder automatically to free them.

We’ll see what the team comes up to solve this, eventually.

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