Hearthlings stuck in tall windows

Not sure what other details to include… they are the new tall windows.


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i have to say, that is actually rather hilarious… i’ll page some of the members of TR,

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I was able to free the little guys by building a slab staircase up to the bottom of the window. After that they ran straight for some stew.

Had the same issue. Got to the point where he started to lose hp. Built a ladder and he went right down to the food stockpile. Reset commands just moved him from tall window to tall window. Perhaps the inside of a window needs a designation as NOT part of the ground to at least make a small fix.

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As tall windows are large enough to allow space for Hearthlings to stand, I’ve noticed a lot of times when they’re building they will use the window slots as passageways, and continue to think it’s a viable walkway after the window has been covered on all four sides.

Thankfully, the fix is as easy as building a ladder to them.


Why do Hearthlings forever think that new items are chairs? :yum:


looking at this further, this could potentially be a super easy fix, all they would have to do would be add a collision box (it is called the collision box, right?) to the windows so that nothing can pass through or sit in them.


Yep! That would be the term :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


@Albert, has this been resolved? I have not been able to reproduce…

I have no idea how this happened either. Leave it open and see if anyone else sees the same problem.


In my game, they just pass through the tall window. They’re not stuck into it, they just go inside the house through the window instead of my double door :smirk:


It happens usually during building when the ladder is removed after the window has been placed but before the hearthling has descended the ladder. Reset function sometimes works. Usually just fixed with building a new ladder. Still get the occasional starvation death from it if you don’t notice it. Perhaps a notification that a hearthling is starving would be helpful.

@albert Could this be because windows are considered “portals”?