Big windows are considered doors by hearhlings

Think I found a bug or, at least, some unintended behaviour

If you place a big wooden frame one block above ground hearthlings will consider it as doors and walk through them and not the doors.


That is a side effect. Windows are portals, too.

Paging @yshan : would this be considered a bug?


some how it makes sence for a window that sice to be passable. But why build doors then?

Houses have doors and windows. Would you place a window so near the floor in the real life? You would be risking that thieves break in. :sweat_smile:

On the other side, I can see why houses can have the windows like that, but that’d be more like

I guess :sweat:

Also there was a bug when hearthlings got stuck on the window ledge after placing the window, and couldn’t get down on their own.


Been there bro… been there…

ladders are our saviours


Hey there ! It’s just a monastery :laughing:
They can’t put doors because it makes a link between the outside (center) and the corridors :smile:

hearthlings can walk through windows
Steps to reproduce:

  1. go into item placer mode
  2. select windows and place them
  3. place windows on the ground or floor

Expected Results:
hearthings will walk around or avoid collision
Actual Results:
hearthings will walk straight through
the bug affects all windows from both factions
rc (3.9 MB)
Version Number and Mods in use:
latest devtools version ( as of 9-20-16)
System Information:
toshiba satalite laptop w/touch screen.
i3 processer and intel graphics

Merged here @Halokillz, thanks for the report. Nice job finding an 8 month+ old bug!

Np glad to help with the games devlopment.

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That’s because windows have no “region_collision_shape”, that’s weird they are the only items in the game which do not have collision.

Thus that’s why heartlings and monster go through big windows to get into a building. :sweat:

Edit: for those doing mod with big windows you can had a region collision shape to your custom window to prevent that, it works :slight_smile:

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