Hearthlings going through windows?

Hello again,

yesterday is designed a new building with tall claywindows. And while i was looking over my brand new building, i saw my hearthlings walking directly through this house, using the windows.
I#m not sure if this is a feature, or something our little beloved Hearthlings should learn not to do any longer ;D

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I have had this before :slight_smile: they can travel 1 block high and can get in through the windows. I just started placing the windows 1 block higher.

Which window are you using? Did you place it in a wall, free standing wall or as a seperate window inside a slab wall?

Hi there Doc,

i used the “Tall Clay Window”, outside two stone from bottom, inside one Stone.
I’m not 100% sure, but i think that they even walked through it from the outside.

I don’t have an savegame with my house build … ogo always smashes my game -.- i never get enough soldiers,
but i will build it again and try to see how and when they are walking thorugh.
It’s the first time i saw this, with the wooden windows i never saw them walking through.

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If you rebuild it and it happens again, upload the savefile, upload the template and perhaps write down which version you are using and if you have any kind of mods installed.

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I like this…