It seems Heartlings can walk through tall windows. Bug or feature?

Hehe. Next time I will build them a bit higher!

both ^^ first a bug but at the other side a good pathfinding :wink:

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When they leave the place they always seemed to use the door tho!

Also if important, only time as far as I know the hearthlings who walked through the window were carrying a rug to the building which was still being completed.
I’m about to make it into the cook/dining room so I will later see if they still use the window or the door lol

edit: nvm everyone uses the window whenever its faster than using the door

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Bug or feature? To quote Bethesda, “Yes.”

Seems like they use the window because there’s flowerpot in fron of it that they can step on(not on the inside, so they have to come out the door) the pathfinder will seek for the shortest route, and if they can climb a flowerpot, they will

Don’t let them step on flowerpots though!, let the flowers be!


This is… a side effect?
I think there was another topic out there discussing about it.

I guess we’ll tag this as not a bug, but the discussion can continue on, maybe the tall windows need a modification in the future.

Also, +1 to what @Hyrule_Symbol said :wink:

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