Hearthlings stuck in second story wall after building window


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build at least a 2 story building.
  2. install windows
  3. Feel sad on the inside form forever stuck hearthling.

Expected Results:
Not to happen.
Actual Results:

Version Number and Mods in use:
release-559 (x64) Vinnila
System Information:
Windows 10

Welcome @Sniperian
well there are a few things you can try. Building a ladder up to them usually frees them. You can also use the console command (ctrl-alt-c) and while the Hearthling is selected type in teleport and you will get a flag icon. Place the flag somewhere and the Hearthling will teleport to it.


Thank you for this! I destroyed and rebuilt a building 3 times and everytime one got stuck under the stairs. This saved me from pulling my hair out. <3

Yeah, I’ve made the mistake of having an empty space under the stairs. Always fill in spaces to be safe!