Hearthling is stuck

Summary: i tried to build a 2 floor building but every time they need to build a window they always get stuck in the window

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start building any big building with windows
  2. Waits for them to get stuck

Expected Results: A actual finished building

Actual Results: Builders get stuck in windows

Notes: This happen several times but only on 1 of my computer which is weird

Attachments: Don’t really know how to take picture on my screen

Version Number and Mods in use: 22.5 and 27 mods once i find out how to take picture of my screen i will take a picture of them all

System Information: Don’t know

To take a picture of your screen, there are a couple of different options. Your computer will have a built-in screenshot capturing function, but how it works is different on each operating system (e.g. Windows/Mac/Linux.) You can also use a screenshot capturing program, they usually have more features and built-in functions like cropping and uploading; I’d expect there are some free ones available online.

Instead of a screenshot, you could also upload a save file – that lets the developers see exactly where the stuck hearthling is, and what’s causing it. To find your save-game, look for the Stonehearth folder on your computer, and in there you’ll find a folder named “saved_games”, inside that folder will be your save files but they won’t have names, they’ll have numbers. However, if you look inside each save file’s folder, there will be a text file named “metadata”, and one of the lines in that file will have the name of the save that it corresponds to – that way you can make sure to send the right one :merry:

To upload a file (whether it’s a saved game or a screenshot) to these forums, you can simply use the function in the post editor – there’s a button along that top bar which has an arrow pointing upwards. That will let you send the pictures and files without having to worry about uploading them to another site and linking them (which is what you’d normally have to do.) I would guess this is one of your first posts though, so you may not have permission to use the upload function yet – in which case, I’ll call @moderators to help out. Also, if you are new, welcome to the Discourse! :jubilant:

I hope you can get this issue resolved soon. It’s really odd that it only happens on one of your computers, so I’m sure that the dev team will be glad to have the chance to see what’s going on there!


Thanks for replying and telling me :smiley:

If you could upload a screenshot or the savefile that’d be great, @Anonymous :smiley:
(Also screenshots of your mod list - Go to the Mods tab in the Settings while being in the Main Menu).

This sounds like it’s a race condition of some sort, where another hearthling tears down the ladder before the hearthling who placed the window can get down.

New WinRAR archive.rar (4.6 MB)
Here is the save file

To get your hearthling unstuck use the console:

Select the stucked hearthling
press ctrl-C to open the console
type in "reset"
repeat if still stucked
press ESC to close the console

Thank you so much :smiley: