Windows not placing during building but inventory quantity decreases


I am building a small two-story home; no errors. The hearthlings completed the building except for the windows and doors, and removed the scaffolding. The ladders are still in place. Then they placed a wooden window frame into the wall. The window did not register as being placed. The inventory diminished by one each time the window is placed. The hearthlings then stand idle. Once the carpenter builds more window frames and the inventory exceeds the amount of wooden window frames needed for the building, the hearthlings place a new wooden window frame. The window doesn’t show up (it’s still a ghosted image) and the on-hand inventory decreases by one. The process then repeats.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a two-story building that has a second floor one block larger in length & width than the first floor.
  2. Hearthlings cannot successfully place all the wooden window frames.

Expected Results:
Building completion.

Actual Results:
A wooden window frame does not register as being placed, and the build hearthlings go idle (all other tasks are unchecked).


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Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 16, no mods.

System Information:
Windows 10

I will page @8BitCrab. would have to see the stonehearth.log and savefile. This is a very unusual issue. As I have often build built building like that with no issue.

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savefile would definitely be helpful. @yunghart to find the save go to this file path,

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_games

if you don’t know which save is the newest one, you can check the screenshot inside the save folder, then zip the individual save’s folder (not the entire saved_games folder) and upload it directly to the discourse either by using the upload button , or by dragging and dropping the .zip file.

if the save is larger then 10mb you could upload it to a site like googledrive or dropbox and provide a download link.

i’ll also page @not_owen_wilson as he’ll probably want to check this out.

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Hi Guys.

I went back to an old save and ran the game from there again with the same results. I’m running Humble Bumble Alpha 16. Here is the link to the saved game: