Hearthings stuck in buildings

Xin, 6/1/2017

Dear, Stonehearth,

 I have a problem that is ruining my game, and killing off my Hearthlings, half the time it it caused because of to much scaffolding, or building buildings with shortcuts like them being hollow under staircases.  Than our Hearthlings get trapped, and starve, an easy and quick solution is to make a button that teleports your Hearthlings to a safe flag, to make it so they cannot get out of battle, if your town, or Hearthlings are mid battle, you cannot use the button so most exploits will be fixed.  This might take some time, but it would be better for the game, please respond fast, though I might not be able to respond back, because I have school, family, and also some clubs. Have a nice day, and goodbye!


if you have the debug tools you are able to teleport a Hearthling
you could also use the console commands to teleport them:

click on the Hearthling that is trapped
press ctrl+c ( at least that’s what works for me)
type ‘teleport’
then click on a open place nearby

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Ok, I’ll try that thanks for the replay, and I was off on a 8 hour trip to my grandma’s house so yeah. I probably should specify 8 hours in total not just to get there.

It’s not working for me, can you please update the tool soon? Thanks for the help though.

I don’t know how far you got with the debug tools so just in case:
Activate the debug tools mod in the settings window before you load your game. When it is active you will see a couple of rather ugly buttons in the upper right corner of the screen/game window.
If you hold shift and click on the hearthling that is stuck a small window should appear with blue text. One of the rows in the window should say “Teleport”. Click it and then click where you want the hearthling to teleport to. I think it’s left click all the time but try right click if it’s not working.

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Nevermind :frowning: I did 2 hours of work before this happened, and thna I accidentally hit load instead of save so my hearthling is saved, but two hours of my life are gone…

P.S. That mod is activated, I activated all mods from the start, and where in Steam can I download more mods?

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Mods for Stonehearth are not available on Steam.

You have to download mods in which you are interested from the threads here on these forums. :merry:

Welcome to Stonehearth!

By the way, be careful because some mods will not work with some versions of Stonehearth. Each mod should say which ones are safe to use.

Necro post for the win… but it relates to the pathing issue mentioned here.

I had an issue in the first time I played the game (July 2nd) where a Hearthling was floating in midair and couldn’t find it’s path and was starving. Didn’t even know debugtools or console commands existed until today, a few days after I had marked the saved game as a failure and started a new one.

When you have to use debugtools or console commands to fix an NPC that is stick in the ground or floating in the air, there is a problem with the pathing feature and should definitely be addressed without requiring the use of debugging.

StoneHearth shouldn’t be treated with the same Bethesda level of incompetence, where leaving game breaking bugs is considered a “feature.” After the announcement on July 5th, I fear this will be the case when the remaining “bug fixing” developers will be forced to move on by the end of the year. This isn’t how games should be treated after they’ve been released.