Skywalking Bug (someone learnt how to fly)

My engineer has learnt how to fly without wings.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. looking around my village
  2. (actually looking for varanusses cuz i need their skin and they never spawn anymore :c)
  3. find engineer walking towards a construction site

Expected Results:
engineer is obeying the laws of physics and gravity as a result
Actual Results:
i find my engineer walking in the air
it’s quite impressive really.

**Version Number and Mods in use:** Latest build (852) with 1 biome mod, 2 aesthetic mods (hair and clothes), Miner profession mod

The magnetic levetation boots! They work!

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Did you teleported him? Because if so that is why. They have a set of points where they follow, and teleporting them just make them run in a straight line direct to the next point they had before teleportation.

If it really is a bug, it need to be noted so we can get flying things!!! :heartpulse: :jubilant:

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I did not teleport him, also, big fan of your mods @BrunoSupremo
i was just letting the town run on auto pilot looking for varanusses, finding him walking in the air.

and have also seen this bug happen in completely unmodded saves

just got the same issue:
one of my heartling were restocking stone from a nearby mountain when i orderer a ladder deconstruction
she went directly to the center of my town and then back to the ladder
(i believe she was at the middle of the way between the lader and the town center when the order was issued)

I can confirm this. My herbalist was restocking items and somehow phased through the buildings in his path, which ascended him afterwards. This happened naturally without any kind of commands.

Edit: After properly entering and exiting a building, this bug seemed to have stopped because the herbalist was at normal height again.

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Just got this with latest unstable


Haha, I recognize that biome! Never seen a town that big before with my mod.

This glitch definitely is bizarre, though…might be something with mods updating? I did update the Rocky Mountains biome fairly recently.

If anyone has a savefile where the bug is happening, please upload it :slightly_smiling_face:

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I will upload it

@epicdude312 and this is just half the city :slight_smile: I will post other screenshot

I tried to upload but i’m limited to 10mb and my save is 11mb

some pictures for you @epicdude312



i think i saved immediatly (so i might have a split file, ill look for it in a little bit) it’s happening as you load in though so you should pause immediatly upon loading. @Relyss

Here’s my worker Skywalking back to the storage crates. She was building the palisade and I thought she’d get stuck but she made her own way back.
Pic and Save: (7.9 MB)


good @Averest, cuz i think i deleted that save when i purged some 20 seperate files @Relyss, so i cant submit my own experience on this board with a savefile accompaniëng it, can’t find it

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I have had the same issue, plus one little guy walked through the ground and I could only see his head.

This should be fixed in the next release.



The joke aside, yeah I’ve been having issues with this. I guess the Hearthlings are taking trips to that vaguely-hinted-at ethereal plane from the Kickstarter page without knowing.

What’s worse is sometimes they won’t finish their journey from Point A directly to Point B, and return to the laws of physics while inside a mountain. R e s t i n p e a c e


I could’t find the latest report on this, altho I know there are old threads, and I just had to post this, I was so sorry for the poor little guy. Things certainly weren’t working out as he had hoped.


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