Skywalking Bug (someone learnt how to fly)



Follow up to Lily’s story. As she was heading for the town she was shot by a goblin!. I couldn’t believe it. Just not her day.


i’ve also had this issue, but not that they get stuck in a mountain, my boiz were rescued a good 10 voxels in mid air, by a quick use of “Reset”


I typically give a quick Reset when I see a Hearthling having these problems, too. Sometimes they teleport back into the sky and continue on their flight though! :joy:


i have to say… WTF?

yeah… sure… an ordinary rock…

what are you doing?.. and how… :neutral_face:


So, I just started a new save in alpha 24+, and one of my footmen ran right into the mountain when they fled from an enemy. Now she is stuck there. Is there a console command to teleport her out? I don’t want to dig a tunnel there because I have plans for that area later.



ctrl-c to open console then click on the Hearthling and type teleport into the console. It’ll let you place him wherever the ghost flag is.


i has something similar. A hearthling was stuck underground. All Incould see was a “hungry” icon floating just over the ground. In the end i dug up one layer of soil and the hearthling jumped out. Fortunately just in time because he was starting to lose health due to hunger


We’ve only seen that kind of glitch when rescuing incapacitated hearthlings sometimes… Might be a different bug :thinking:


i love those buildings in the background, have you uploaded those?


nahh, too simple to be worthy :confused:
if you want something like that then use the hole tool to remove any piece of roob out of the wall in 4 sides :wink:


man there’s a place for less “extravagant” buildings on the workshop too, i put some basic ass templates on there :smiley:


One of the great things about the new builder is you can have a basic template to use as a starting point and then experiment with paint and add decorations. I :heart_eyes: the paint tool.


One of my Hearthlings was walking on water, and I didn’t see anything weird in it’s logs or pathing. I can’t seem to reproduce it.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. I tried setting jobs
  2. restricted other hearthlings from doing them

Expected Results:
Anything, like walking over water, or through trees, or anything that would denote a pathing issue.

Actual Results:
Nothing that I could catch.

It may just be a one off lottery of environment and mods in play, but better safe then sorry.


Version Number and Mods in use!
Alpha 24+, Settlement Décor, Box o’ Vox: Necromancer, Stonehearth Doorways

System Information: Windows 10, i3-4170 cpu, 6.00GB RAM


This should be fixed in the next release.


Thank you very much,
I could not recreate it for the life of me.


not fixed in my case

and my save!Asn3lEt-4tOhia8d-h09ESqqcpHjGg
also I use teleport and reset few times because my ling spawn in unreachable place, but when used teleport I always put them on basic level


I have been watching my hearthlings pathing through the ground and through the air, very frequently. So far they’ve only gotten stuck underground.

I hate this bug. Several times I have missed seeing the stuck hearthling in time and I’ve saved the bug for that town. Since I don’t use the master debug tools, it means that I have to start over again.

Now I’m going to wait until the next release, hoping that this bug is squashed.