[202] Flying log!

Sorry for an improper bug report, but I am quite in a hurry right now:

What happened:

I had a log laying on me Carpenter’s bench blocking me from constructing new items. To fix that, I decided to move the bench a little. Well… you can see the result in the screenshot.
The log disappeared after some time.

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The log isn’t haunted. Its obviously being possessed by the imaginary goblin shamans.


i had this happen when i moved the workbench to the same spot it already was (so it ended up on top of the item) in the last release as well.

Can confirm this happens whenever you move the workshop with a crafting material on it. Interestingly, you can build a ladder to it as well. Had this happen with my blacksmiths anvil. If i moved it, the flying rock moved too.

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in my case, at least, when the item was still considered on the workshop. so when i built something that required that item the item was consumed.

When this issue occurred for me it had nothing to with the workshop. In fact one had not been created. I had created the Shared sleeping quarters and three logs appeared well above the building, motionless hanging in mid air.

I would upload a photo - but “New users cannot upload images” …

Upload it there and link it :smile: