Hoe/Tool Sticky Workbench

Summary: Tool or (hoe) in this case, stuck to workbench as a ghost item.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build Carpenters workbench, have him craft a hoe
  2. Attempt to move workbench to fix
    3)Hoe still appears stuck to the workbench

Expected Results: There to either be no hoe stuck to workbench or for the hoe to fall down.

Actual Results: A ghost hoe appears stuck to the workbench

Notes: This didnt happen straight away it is the second hoe I had crafted and seemed like an out of the ordinary occurrence. It doesent seem to hinder the carpenters ability to craft thing’s, just seems like a graphical or data error.

After a short period of time during the making of this report the hoe mystically disappeared from the bench, might have had something to do with an item the carpenter crafted. Not sure if this is linked to a similar topic I posted a few build’s back but its worth letting people know.

Image 1 Showing The Offending Hoe
Image 2 Showing Me Moving The Bench
Image 3 Showing The Offending Hoe Atop The Newly Placed Bench

Version Number and Mods in use: Alpha 14 Develop 2818 x64. - 0 Mods in use.

System Information: Windows 7 64Bit 16G RAM,CPU = Intel i5 3.30GHz. GPU = 2048 ATI Radeon Sapphire 7870