Crafting Station Stack Error

So I’ve noticed that when I give my carpenter things to do sometimes when an item is crafted it will remain at his station. Then a wood block is placed for the next assigned task and because the last wasn’t removed crafting won’t continue.

I’ve assigned farmer jobs to at least 3 people now and they don’t take, so I’m not sure if the hoe itself isn’t being registered as completed, the job isn’t working, or someone in my town is too stupid to move what’s been crafting. :confused:

All I know is once the hoe was crafted the carpenter then brought the next block in to be placed used and then went off building never to return.


The best thing for now until this is fixed is to move the workstation to another location, in most cases this will fix otherwise try a save and reload.


thanks for the assist @pixelengineer:+1:

is there an existing, similar report?

I don’t know if this is going to help crush this bug eventually but, I wanted to also add my 2 cents on when I see this occur the most.

It seems that there are a few objects that don’t play nice with the stockpiles.

Carpenter Work Bench ( Picket Fence and the P.F. Gate) are not very stockpile friendly. In some cases the picket Fence WILL goto a stockpile however its a roll of the dice. I’m pretty sure your aware of this though.

Weaver Work Bench (both rugs) I have yet to have a weaver put the rugs in the stock pile. he/she will drop them near the workbench. the only good thing I have had is the rugs at least goto the world floor and not stuck on the bench

I’ve also noticed from time to time some of the weapons or tools don’t always make it to the Stockpiles. This happens more when you switch jobs with a current worker. He/She puts the Tool down on the ground.

I did find a Random work around for that but it doesn’t work 100% of the time. You actually have to make a New Stockpile and remove the other ones from the game (ALL) of them. Making sure the correct items are checked in the stockpile GUI Select

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Sorry I forgot to mention that is how I got around it, simply moving it. Still wanted to report it. Didn’t see another report on it anywhere.

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