[NaB] Carpenter inactive and floating log above/blocking workshop

Carpenter became inactive for a long period even though many things in queue.
Realized that a log was left on top of his workshop (?) keeping him from starting a new item (?)
Tried everything to move it. Finally moved the workshop which made the log go away but carpenter did not go back to work. Realized that the log was still attached but floating high above the ground. Carpenter on indefinite vacation…

(would upload image of said floating log but new user and all that…)

Are you sure, the floating log is the problem, and you weren’t trying to craft something with another ingredient that’s missing? Maybe you tried to craft a mason’s hammer, but didn’t have a stone left, or you tried to craft a weaver’s spindle without having farmed some silkweed. In these cases the carpenter grabs the block of wood, but then waits patiently and silently (and that’s the problem) forever.

When the carpenter jams up like that, clear the crafting que, then order a simple 1 wood item see if the log is still floating.

Now that you mention it, there is a mason’s hammer in the queue, but it was way down the list (if that means anything). Will also clear the queue and see if that changes anything.

Cleared the queue and the floating log went away. Thanks!

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The floating log thing was reported several updates ago, but I believe it had something to do with moving the workshop while there were materials in it. Glad there is a fix for it though.

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