Bug which blocks 25% of games content (deleted carpenter's workbench)

i accidently removed my capenter’s workshop now i can’t use or build a new one ive tried promting new carpeters but they wont make a workshop plz make it where xapterns have to make a new workshop all the time and a cancle action button plz seriously this is pissing me off.



So did you deploy your carpenters workshop? If so it could possibly be in someone’s Backpack and they just haven’t placed it in a stockpile or in the area yet,

Or has the Carpenter’s workshop just become un-deployable?

not in anyone’s back pack

I think I miss read your comment (apologies if I did, Happens a lot :slight_smile: )

Did you mean you used the Clear tool and they deleted it? If so I tested that and can confirm there is no way to demote the Carpenter or make a new Work bench, The only outcome I got from doing that was a naked Carpenter who then idled around the camp fire :wink:

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so what am i suppose to do???

At this point, I don’t think you can do much besides starting a new game.

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@Stoneheartfan Stonehearths first Hobo :grin:

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In a future patch there will be improved workshops. The problem you have described will be completely fixed by that patch. Instead of having workbenches tied to a single crafter and only craftable on promotion of a new crafter, they’ll be craftable by any crafter of that type and shared between them all.

Of course, that patch will likely require breaking save games again, so its certainly not a solution for you right now.

Right now, you are pretty much out of luck and will need to start a new save (or go back to one before you removed the workshop).


I’m having the same issue:

I select a workbench and hit undeploy. When I try to place the workbench item from the “place item” window it has no icon and i cannot place it in the world. When I click on the worker who owned the workbench, their “show workbench” icon still works and I cannot deploy a new workbench. The worker does not perform the orders in their workbench window.