Carpenter starts working as a basic Worker

Hello ! So i’m back on this game and i’m really glad to see all the new content there is since 2016 when I stopped playing it. But sadly I can’t play the game D:
So basically, everything works fine in my new game and after a few minutes, the carpenter starts working just like a basic worker. He doesn’t want to anything and simply restocks and builds…

What I already did :

I started 3 games and these 3 games ended quickly as the carpenter can’t get to work.

Anyone could help ? the game truly is unplayable like that :frowning:

what are you trying to craft
all crafters need their workbenches/stations, resources and be of a high enough level
your carpenter is either missing one of the above or is out of work

He has the 3 workbenches and i make him craft footman swords, and even if he has more than a 100 wood, he doesn’t do anything

I tried to only check “job” In the job panel but then he goes Idle
I tried to remove his workbenches and put them again
I tried to demote him and promote someone else
I tried to reload the game and load an old save

I don’t know, maybe it happened because they had too many tasks (i asked my hearthlings to dig an extremely large hole so i don’t know… I thought this kind of bug was solved :confused:

sounds similar to a problem i had with the weaver at a later stage in the game
remove all the tasks and then add them back

that got my weavers back to weaving

the whole “build or dig gygantic thing, destroys all AI” ? no thats not fixed. cut huge projects up into smaller chunks.