Do your job you moron!

Hey, I noticed something that probably shouldn’t be going carpenter apparently thinks she’s still a worker, since after she made her first hoe, she straight up stopped doing her job and started helping build houses. Anyone else have this issue?

Did she have all the materials needed for the next item queued?
Which version of Stonehearth were you playing?

Yes. The most recent update of stonehearth. She started doing her job after I restarted stonehearth, though, but this is still something I wouldn’t like to see…

What did she have queued on the workbench?

i actually did run into this bug,

[quote=“Relyss, post:4, topic:14956, full:true”]
What did she have queued on the workbench?
[/quote]no matter what i have queued i notice my carpenters go build for a moment and then come back to crafting. almost like they momentarily forget they’re carpenters.

though i did first noticed it when i got him to make a sword and then crates, he made the sword fine but then went and built for a moment and then came back to finish crafting the crates.

hope my little blurb helps in some way…

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My carpenter straight up didn’t make stuff until I restarted the game.

My footman believes he’s a worker too.

From my observation soldier now “help” carry stuff, but not building houses, mining, etc. Its cool than mindless patrol 24h nonstop…other thing on new build, hearthling walk on road!

they have always carried stuff, but only if you have more then 2 footmen.

I have 1 fully equipped, he’s helping get 2500 stones back to stockpiles… oh well…
Gobblins are 100% friendly anyway