Stonemason issue

My stonemason acts like a worker instead of a stonemason! please help!

i believe thats the same as this,

@SteveAdamo @Relyss please merge

No when i mean acts like a worker i mean she will build

oh dear! thats a problem indeed, did you try demoting and then re-promoting them?

Lol, masons can build. They lose some of their skills like mining, but they can still build. Just like the carpenter

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i didnt know this… shows just how much i know about the game :laughing::disappointed:


Ok but i still cant get her to work! she if has nothing else to do just stand there doing nothing! ive done everything:(

you have the required materials to make the top item on the list? if you dont then they wont make anything untill you do have the materials.

yes i do! i must have 20 characters so this is random text

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