Carpenter/Mason/etc Not Prioritising Work

As above, carpenters/masons/blacksmiths/etc do not prioritise their own work over others jobs such as working stockpiles. They can have a large list of items to be made but they always do other work first. This results in items being made at a very slow rate.

This doesn’t happen as often early game, but after 30 minutes of playing once you have gained a few more Hearthlings, it starts happening. Every time without fail.

P.S. Just wanna say, bugs aside, I love the game and look forward to its future content and less bugs.


The only things I’ve seen the crafters prioritize over crafting is eating and sleeping. Other than that they have to go to stockpiles to grab their materials. Usually what happens is you’ve run out of some material they need for their current project and they’ll just stop crafting until you delete it from the queue or you get that material.

Are any of those things happening?

and some times, they go and think that the materials sitting on the ground, 10 miles away from your town, must be better then the ones you have sitting in the stockpiles, 1 foot away from their workbench :expressionless:


No not really. For example, I’ll have queued up simple items (e.g. fences that only require logs) and I’ll have plenty of logs stockpiled. Can take a full day or more before they’d return to their workbench. Same goes for blacksmiths/masons.

^^ And they’d only get like 2/3 fences built in that day.

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I can confirm this bug on my end. I’ve got a blacksmith with tons of mats but she won’t go work on it. I also tried to remove her specialization and reapply it which resulted in an LUA (I think) error.

+1 with the blacksmith.

At that point, useless continuing playing :disappointed: