Carpenter bug? What do I do?

So my carpenter has a whole list of things queued up but hasn’t been doing any of them.

This isn’t because of lack of resources or anything but its been about 2 or 3 days with nothing. She’s just been hauling items.

I thought it may have been that I undeployed her original bench so that she would use the new ones in her newly constructed home but it doesn’t make much sense. Either way I just have shells of houses right now and need her to start crafting items to fill them up. In addition I have some traders coming soon and I could really use the items they’re bringing along.

Ordinarily I might just hire another carpenter but I don’t really have the resources or people to spare for that right now.

So, anyone know what I can do? Thanks!

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His queue is probably bugged. Try reloading the game, or emptying it all and adding the items again.

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From my experience, I usually demote and re-promote the hearthling. After a while the carpenter will work again. It might just be me though :slightly_smiling_face:.