Moving carpenters bench breaks carpenter

So my colony was working along okay, not great, but okay.

My carpenter was making what I told him to make and then I got the bright idea to move his carpenters bench indoors into one of the mass dormitories that hadn’t yet been fully built (still need beds in the room) and then he simply stopped doing his carpenter work all together and went about hauling stuff as if he didn’t have any orders for his workbench.

I moved his carpenter bench back outdoors and it still shows the queue of a couple items that it had before the move but he now refuses to go to work being a carpenter and simply hauls stuff instead of making the hoes, tables, etc that I can plainly see he has resources to make.

Bug or have I done something wrong?


Edit: Also, the quests seemed bugged. I got a quest to make 8 tables for one (which I did, they’re in my stockpile) then the quest simply disappeared, the last that I remember reading about it was that the quest giver would return in 4 or 6 hours, then it simply disappeared from my quest tracker panel.

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Bug, definite bug. ( @SteveAdamo change this to active bug?)

agreed… updated the category and edited the thread title (to one that’s terribly clever)… :smile: