Flying hearthlings?

I didn’t realize it right from the start but after looking for sad hearthlings, I found out one who was hungry and couldn’t get to food. After location him I fount him Walking Above Berries in Air…


I had to uproot the berries to make him come down.
Sorry I don’t know how to recreate.

Theory: He placed a bush, someone else placed a bush under him, bumping him up there (also happens to other bushes if placed too close together); he becomes stuck because he’s now on invalid terrain, hence walking around on air and getting hungry from not being able to get down to get to food.


Incidentally ladders help solve this, too. works on plants, stockpiles,etc.

Nope can’t attach ladders to empty space, there should be a plane at that level.

Yup i thought so too, and it made me think about the LIMBO like in DMC where user is in alternative plane. Though this one is not alternative but a Higher Realm (wuxia) where he is able to walk in air xD.

empty space no. but any occupied space can have a ladder built adjacent to it. you just need to make sure the cursor is touching the side of the model and not it’s top.

also some objects have what seems to be a more complex occupancy, like stockpiles.

This happens when you place a bunch of bushes together, and the game forces an object to stack ontop of another. In this case, it was your Hearthling. But don’t worry, this is super easy to fix.

Click on him, open the console (crtl + C), and type


then hit enter. It will give you a banner for you to place that will move your hearthling to said banner, thus saving him.

wew God Mod detected xD or is it cheat… Well whatever this is cool thing. Thanks

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