Hearthlings cant find food (there is food)

So my hearthlings are always hungry and apparently cant find food when there is heaps of it, but they seem to get to famished before they do and the notifications are driving me nuts DX

soooo apparently raw squirrel meat isnt edible :open_mouth:


I love everything about this post


…jerky? or trapper+ ?

Typically this happened to me when one of the little guys (and gals) got stuck, and could not make their way to the food stores. For example, mining and digging too deep a hole, or building and getting stuck between the scaffold and the roof, or cut off from the village after having finished a fence/wall. Teleporting them a little way usually solves that.
What will solve it for good is to learn to mine in a way that makes sure there’s always an exit from the open cast pit, or not building so close to a cliff that the builders get stuck…

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I tried the “shut up and eat” mod without any known or seen issues. It helped with those notifications but the much needed hunger bubble still shows above their heads No promises though.

yea at the time my trapper wasnt high enough to make the smoker