Dev 2534 - Hearthlings always hungry, there's plenty of food

My hearthlings always seem to be complaining about a lack of food when I look at the journal, but I don’t see the icon for hunger over their heads, and I have an abundance of food. They also seem to all eat when they’re hungry, so I’m not sure what’s going on - seems like it’s a bug in the way things are reported in the journal.

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Is the food in a stockpile or in crates/chests? Sure there is/has been an error with food in chests.

In stockpiles. I think it’s related to the issue of hearthlings continuously picking up/dropping off items, which may ultimately be due to a bug in the current implementation of backpacks (see Picking/dropping up Items)

I’m seeing a similar issue in r450.

Hearthlings are complaining of lack of food, but appear to be stuck in the dining hall walking around in circles with food in hand. Food is in crates and appears to be accessible without issue. This particular issue occurred at day 25 with 23 hearthlings.

(Link to short video HERE)

This particular video only shows 2 hearthlings stuck but there have been as many as 5 at a time. Issuing Attack or Rally commands will sometimes unstick them but not reliably. In the above video, neither hearthling had any crafting orders queued.

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Samesies; half of my hearthlings are continually walking with their food in hand, sitting, and then getting back up and repeating the process in a constant loop.

Link to save

Happened in r450; don’t know what I did to trigger it

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Thanks for the video, @WolffLaarcen. When you click on the food in their hand, what does it say in the unit frame?

Thanks for the save, @jjjshab, will take a look!

Only the name of the food and a short description (Savory Meat Stew, warm and delicious).

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Apologies, when I fixed storing food in stockpiles, I broke eating it. :stuck_out_tongue: Fixed on my machine.

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No worries. Thanks for the quick responses!

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