Hearthling not eating and complaining about it

some of my hearthlings wont eat

Expected Results:
They would eat normaly
Actual Results:
they don’t eat and complain about it in the town journal

Version Number in use:

A little bit more informations would be nice.
Do you have enough food, is it close or far away, how many hearthlings do you have, are mods installed etc.

Hello Discourse!

I happen to have this same problem, so I thought I would add my experience.

My hearthlings won’t eat.

I have more than enough food, yet my hearthlings won’t eat.

Steps to reproduce
At first, my hearthlings were complaining about the lack of food diversity, with one or two complaining about there not being food (even though there was plenty), so I went from three crates I used to store my food, to just one vault. It seemed to help, for about two in-game days, when my hearthlings started complaining about lack of food (even though I ordered my cooks to make even more). I then designated a stockpile area near my cooks (who are very centered to anything and anyone else in town) and I still get hearthlings complaining about the lack of food, mostly at night.

My town has 30 hearthlings with two cooks who work in the same place. I am about to move one of the cooks to another part of town and try to make her work there, to see if it changes anything, will let you know the results.

Versions and mods
V: A20, no mods.

System Information
Windows 7, 8GB ram, AMD A6-3400M with Radeon HD 1.40 GHz, 210GB SSD.

I managed to make my cook… well, cook at the second spot and the food is being stored next to it. I noticed my other cook, who still lives in the center of the town, walked up there to get a rack of roast mutton, but I still got two messages (an improvement nontheless!) from people saying there is no food in the morning.
So I decided to change my tactic and moved the stockpile zone closer to the new area to try to make it even more centered, built more chairs and put them next to the zone aaaand… still got a bunch of ‘24 hours without food’.
I noticed my cooks are spending more time farming than cooking (and yes, there is cooking to be done), so I wonder if it’s got anything to do with that? Maybe a certain number of hearthlings don’t eat unless food has been cooked that day? Not all of them, though, as I see some who are skipping of joy after having a delicious meal.
I deleted the second cooking workbenches and restarted and my cooks went back to cooking, but I still get a lot of ‘On having no food’. :frowning:


I have this too, but I may have recently created the issue when I discovered you can pull a pasture right through a building. Giggling at the chickens in the dining room, but if that’s causing the problem, it’s not so funny. :wink: Will update if correcting the pasture, and re-loading a new save fixes it. My cook is behaving normally, passing by the chickens like it’s no big deal, and getting her job done. Hearthlings are loading the containers upstairs with ingredients and no issue.

Only mod is the unlimited inventory.

Update: Mine are eating again, but correcting the pasture didn’t solve it. I noticed everyone journaling about no food has the ‘stuffed’ moral, and never got a food bubble. Had them restock the cooked food into 3 different kinds of containers.Checked and unchecked all tasks, new saved, twice. Re-loaded from full exit, twice. The second load of the final new save… tada!, eating commenced. Not sure what triggered them to fix. Oh, and a couple town alerts, because sometimes that also un-glitches folks.

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This happens to me regularly. I have more food in my inventory than anything else, and a box in everyone’s home limited to food specifically with a dining area and all and I still have 10+ complaints every day about not eating in 24 hours… Like I have 3 cooks making food around the clock. It’s impossible.

If this is on the stable version, try the unstable one, as that has several food-related fixes. If it’s on the unstable one, please upload a savegame, and if it’s reproducible, we’ll fix it.